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Julie Stewart-Binks: Trump, Concert Cosplay and Pancakes From Julie's Mom

It's a full house with Julie Stewart-Binks (ESPN), Greg Veerman as co-host and both Kylee and Dylan in the room producing. Julie spills who the most famous person she's seen in LA (08:30), we battle Canadian vs American fast food (17:25), discuss social media SNAFUs (23:00), the untellable Julie Stewart-Binks story (54:08), doubling down on Trump (59:46), the sweetest thing Julie's ever done (1:07:35) and concert cosplay (1:13:47).

Show Notes

00:08:30 - Most Famous Person Julie has Ever Seen

00:17:25 - Fast Food: Canada vs USA

00:23:00 - Social Media SNAFU

00:29:05 - Hair Extensions on Towel Racks

00:35:35 - Clay & Julie: The Origin Story

00:50:55 - Hi Katie Nolan!

00:54:08 - The Untellable Julie Stewart-Binks Story

00:56:30 - Julie's Mom Will Make you Pancakes

00:59:46 - Doubling Down on Trump?

01:05:15 - Iowa State's Biggest Fan

01:07:35 - Sweetest Thing Julie's Ever Done

01:13:47 - Julie's Concert Cosplay

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