Mike Valente: Pints, Dad Jokes and the Evolving Etiquette of Social Media

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to the Stringer podcast! Mike Valente (Toronto Marlies) and Clayton Hansler will start things off by introducing you to the well guarded secret of ordering four pints before last call (8:20), the plights of being single (16:48), social media etiquette in the twenty-first century (20:42) and the good ‘ol wild west days of Twitter (23:30). Mike heaps the praise on Gary Shandling (30:30), tries to remember 'that guy' (41:41), will try to sell you on Winnipeg (44:01) and how fun it is to be a sports fan in Toronto (59:02). Please remember to not feed the animals, keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times, and like, share, comment and post the podcast abundantly.

Show Notes

00:08:20 - A Quick Four Pints Before Last Call

00:13:24 - Being On the Clock

00:16:48 - The Plight of the Single (Drinking) Man

00:20:42 - Social Media Etiquette

00:23:30 - The Early Days of Social Media

00:28:29 - New Podcast Alert!

00:30:30 - The Larry Sanders Show

00:41:41 - The Guy from the Place with the Face and Nose

00:44:01 - Winnipeg: The Gateway to the West

00:47:04 - New Podcast Alert #2!

00:52:35 - Dad Jokes with Mike Valente

00:59:02 - Is Winning Now our Reality?

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