Tyson Geick: Sock Talk, Vegas Flu and LBJ's Acting Career

Clay and Tyson Geick (NLL) start off talking about…..how they store their socks (6:12)? Thankfully they quickly move to Tyson’s lacrosse playing days (11:11), the only credit LeBron James deserves (17:36), creating own breaks in the industry (20:21) and that his birthdate is better than Clay’s (30:13). Tyson offers up why he won’t go to Vegas (40:33), praises the work of both Paul Bissonnette (46:13) and Kevin Bieksa (47:34) and the pair keep you “up to date” on the NHL Playoffs (52:23) (bunch of knuckle draggin', mitten-stringin' posers, if you ask me).

Show Notes

00:06:02 - Sock Talk

00:11:11 - Lacrosse: A Brief History by Tyson Geick

00:17:36 - LeBron's Decent Acting Career

00:20:21 - Make Your Break

00:27:45 - The Earth is Out to Get You

00:30:13 - Street Hockey in April

00:38:54 - Vegas Flu

00:40:28 - I Can't Afford Vegas

00:44:13 - Nothing Dies on the Internet

00:46:13 - BizNasty

00:47:30 - Undercover Bieksa

00:52:22 - Fortune Tellers? Clay and Tyson Make Predictions

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