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Gavin Day: Jermain Defoe, Mexican Police and the Evolution of Breaking News

Gavin Day (CP24) sits down with Clay to brag about the perks of his neighbourhood (10:49) and discusses how many chicken fingers is too many (28:45) before Clay gives everyone a tip for their next trip to the farmers market (21:45). Gavin talks about his experience with trunk tacos (43:38), his miserable flights back from Mexico (46:01), being the sad alone guy at the bar (55:12) and how news breaks in 2018 (58:19).

Show Notes

00:10:49 - Brewery Adjacent

00:13:57 - Welcome to the Beer Podcast

00:21:45 - Clay's Farmer's Market Tips

00:28:45 - Never Enough Chicken Fingers

00:38:29 - Seeing is Believing for Jermain Defoe

00:41:01 - Mexican Police

00:43:38 - Trunk Tacos!

00:46:01 - Takeoff and Landing

00:49:34 - Evangelical Jet Sales

00:55:12 - Sad Alone Guy at the Bar

00:58:19 - The Evolution of Breaking News

01:06:43 - Just a Jeff Daniels Fan

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