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Laura Armstrong: Firstborns, Harry Potter and the Mormon Escalator

Laura Armstrong (The Toronto Star) is the perfect blend of Country Music and The Wu-Tang Clan... huh?! Laura talks to Clay about all the fun stuff including sports travel as the rookie (12:07), what Hogwarts house she would be sorted in to (18:45), the Christmas gift that made her cry (24:00), not wanting your firstborn (37:25), her eclectic taste in music (46:45), the klutzy boat story (55:42), the Mormon story (58:13), her superpower (1:02:41), and Laura shares her social media horror story (1:14:01).

Show Notes

00:12:07 - Sports Travel as the Rookie

00:18:45 - Warning: Harry Potter Nerdgasm

00:24:00 - What Christmas Gift Made Laura Cry?

00:28:45 - Clay's Embarrassing Confession 2

00:37:25 - I Don't Want your Firstborn

00:46:45 - Country Music & Wu-Tang Clan?

00:52:13 - Clay's Embarrassing Confession 3

00:55:43 - The Klutzy Boat Story

00:58:13 - The Mormon Story

01:02:41 - Laura's Superpower

01:07:54 - The Forgotten Quote

01:14:01 - Social Media Horror Story

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