Mike Veerman: Fatherhood, the New Show and Crashing the Junos

Mike Veerman (Mike on Much) makes his first solo visit to the pod so he and Clay can laugh over crashing the Junos (17:04). They tease out the new Mike on Much CraveTV show (22:20), look back on 120 episodes of the Mike on Much podcast (25:20) and relive the wild moments surrounding the birth of Mike's daughter (29:02). As always, the boys share some solid laughs over tales involving JFL42 (38:22), Max Kerman's battle with paper-towel (50:46) and the Champagne Boys annual Twelve Pubs of Christmas (1:02:36).

All eight episodes of "Much Studios Presents: Mike on Much in Conversation With..." drops December 21st on CraveTV.

Show Notes

00:12:58 - He's Mike and He's The One on Much

00:17:04 - Crashing the Junos

00:22:20 - Teasing the New Show

00:25:20 - 120 Episodes of Mike On Much

00:29:02 - The Day Mike Became a New Father

00:35:12 - Shane + Breast Milk

00:38:22 - Live at JFL42

00:42:55 - Picard Management Tips

00:46:44 - Finding Comedy in the Edit

00:50:46 - Max Kerman Battles Paper-Towel

00:55:56 - Being on the Other Side of a Junket

01:02:36 - The Twelve Pubs of Christmas

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