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The Best We Got - 2018

For this episode we thought it was a good idea to countdown the top moments of a show that isn't all that old. Sounds fun, right? Well it is.

We make it fun (read: ridiculous) by throwing in some of our favourite sound effects from movies, video games and other stuff to introduce each guest. Hear some of your favourite anecdotes from the past year(ish)which we should probably tease out in the description but we won't because it'll also spoil the whole point of the podcast.

Happy New Year friends, see ya in 2019!

Show Notes

00:07:52 - "We Started Already?"

00:11:03 - Duane Watson / Music Tales

00:17:58 - Jeffrey Garriock / Moroccan Police

00:22:11 - Caroline Szwed / The SVD Play

00:28:43 - Emily Agard / Foo Fighters

00:31:55 - Laura Armstong / The Mormon Escalator

00:36:54 - Tessa Bonhomme / (In)Famous 2010 Celly

00:44:15 - Akil Augustine / Meeting Michael Che

00:49:44 - Lauren Howe / Lauren's Alter Ego

00:58:48 - Matthew Scianitti / The Shooter Splits

01:06:45 - Best of Clay's Confessions

01:10:01 - Mike On Much / Vince Carter & Puddle of Mud

01:17:51 - "Please Be Good To Yourself, And...."

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