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Steven Caldwell: Retirement, TSN and No Peanut Butter in Scotland

Did you know that Steven Caldwell (TSN) and Clay combine for more than 300 football matches played throughout the English top flight, championship and Major League Soccer? The two kick things off by talking about their early days at Toronto FC (7:44) and how peanut butter and jam isn’t a thing in Scotland (12:33). Steven then gives us a peek inside the locker room and how the smallest hints can lead to disaster (31:02), he takes “credit” for Danny Lovitz's sucess (34:20), how he went from being released to re-signed in 5 days (42:11) and that no championship is too small (50:39).

Show Notes

00:07:44 - There's Only One Steven Caldwell

00:12:33 - No Peanut Butter in Scotland

00:17:36 - It's Not a Handball

00:22:16 - I Wasn't a Great Player, but a Great Leader

00:28:17 - It's Not About You, It's About the Team

00:31:02 - A Bad Atmosphere Starts Small

00:34:20 - Fuck'n Danny Lovitz

00:42:11 - Being Released by Newcastle

00:45:53 - The Highs and Lows of Promotion/Relegation

00:48:17 - Thinking You're Done at 27

00:50:39 - When You Win, You Win

00:56:12 - The Drive to be the Best

01:01:44 - Not an Oracle

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