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Crossover - PWLB: NXT, Lucha Libre and Villainous Commissioners

For this crossover edition we team up with the boys from Pro Wrestling LookBack. Nick and Donovan join producer Sean (from A Football Podcast) to help kickstart Clay's education in the world of professional wrestling. The group of four discuss podcast origins (6:29), NXT being the AHL of wrestling (19:33), Vince McMahon as the ultimate villain (25:09), once upon a time at Luca Libre in Mexico (30:24) and what on earth referees do in wrestling (41:18). The show couldn't end before a classic edition of story time with Clay including; not being mature on air (54:43) and his thoughts on William Nylander (1:04:33).

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Show Notes

00:06:29 - Podcast Origins

00:19:33 - NXT is the AHL of Wrestling

00:25:09 - Vince McMahon, the Ultimate Villain

00:30:24 - Once Upon a Time in Mexico

00:41:19 - Wrestling has Referees?!

00:54:43 - Immature Talent

01:04:33 - Yes, Even We Discuss William Nylander

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