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Emily Agard: Foo'gasms, Ariana Grande and Dating Geri Halliwell

Emily Agard (MLSE Live) is this week's guest so that Clayton could find someone to talk Foo Fighters, Brittany Spears, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and Brand New. Greg is back as cohost as the group of three (and Kylee) chat Emily's athletic aspirations (10:04), her musical aspirations (14:41), Foo'gasms (18:32), Emily's first live concert (23:37) another embarrassing confession from Clay (25:42), Emily's Ariana Grande story (30:54), when Emily met the Foo Fighters (55:17) and we create perhaps the greatest (and most eclectic) music festival lineup ever (59:16).

Show Notes

00:10:04 - Emily's Athletic Aspirations

00:14:41 - Emily's Musical Aspirations

00:18:32 - Foo'gasm 1

00:23:37 - Emily's First Live Concert

00:25:42 - Clay's Embarrassing Confession 4

00:26:00 - If I dated Geri Halliwell...

00:30:54 - Emily's Ariana Grande Story

00:42:06 - So I Creeped Emily's Website

00:49:05 - Top Three Foo Fighters Albums (Foo'gasm 2)

00:55:17 - Emily's Meeting-the-Foo-Fighters Story

00:59:16 - The Greatest Music Festival Line-up Ever

01:06:22 - Foo'gasm 3

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