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Chris Clarke: Burke, Dave Stieb and Jays Games on a Reel to Reel

Chris Clarke (MWO Sports) drops by the newly renovated but not quite completed studio to discuss the most important of issues; does Sidney Crosby swear (9:13). It doesn't take long for this long time radio vet to tell stories of a time before message boards (14:13), what the first days of Prime Time Sports with Bob McCowan were like (20:24), that time when George Steinbrenner called (48:41) and playing hockey against Brian Burke (57:35). But beware, it's also a cautionary tale of never meeting your heroes (01:07:06).

Show Notes

[00:04:47] - Clarkey’s the first person to use the new studio

[00:06:44] - The mic’s are always hot

[00:07:07] - What makes Clarkey Clay’s mentor

[00:08:25] - Clarkey hired Clay… but he can’t remember it

[00:09:13] - Does Sidney Crosby swear?

[00:10:30] - Joffrey Lupul is living laaarge

[00:14:13] - 80’s bulletin boards and Clarkey’s first radio gig

[00:15:11] - Patience is a virtue, but not one of Clarkey’s

[00:15:53] - Nightmares about radio carts

[00:16:41] - Marking highlights on a reel-to-reel

[00:17:43] - Flipping cassettes and lost innings of baseball

[00:18:10] - Sittler owns the only copy of his 10 point game

[00:18:33] - R.I.P. Saturday’s Heroes

[00:20:24] - Day one at Prime Time Sports with Bob McCowan

[00:23:39] - Producing sports pre Internet

[00:25:38] - Parting with the dream of wanting to be on-air

[00:25:50] - Don’t Give Up on the Dream

[00:27:41] - Allow your job to fund your dream

[00:28:37] - Leafspace OG

[00:31:27] - Clayton ‘Chansler’ Hansler

[00:34:22] - Chansler’s master plan

[00:37:28] - Sitting in the penalty box

[00:38:43] - Forgetting Justin Pogge

[00:41:28] - 13 Years Later - Raycroft for Rask

[00:43:28] - Andrew Raycroft is back in Boston

[00:43:39] - Mark Askin, the Legend

[00:45:13] - “I scored the first goal at Maple Leaf Gardens”

[00:48:41] - That time George Steinbrenner called

[00:52:05] - Want to talk to players? Just start calling hotels

[00:52:33] - Working in media vs working for a team

[00:55:13] - Which Jays pitcher used the pseudonym Richard Weed?

[00:57:35] - Playing hockey against Brian Burke

[01:04:21] - Texting Dave Poulin

[01:07:06] - Dave Stieb is a jerk

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