• The Stringer

David Alter: Tech, Hackers and Nazem Kadri's Cat

If a gear, gadget and tech expert shacked up with a hockey reporter, their offspring would be David Alter. David takes us on a magical journey that involves tech talk (3:50), a love affair with U2 (11:30), what you should know about Toronto (27:33), digital timeouts (37:15), Alter the innovator (42:29), hacker renegades (46:01), Sandra Bullock and The Net (48:13), Nazem Kadri's cat (51:27) and some app and website talk (53:23).

Show Notes

00:03:50 - Alter Talks Tech

00:09:45 - Sleeping with your Blackberry

00:11:30 - U2 Lovefest

00:21:58 - Alter Sings

00:27:33 - What you Should Know about Toronto

00:33:53 - Radio: Alter's First Love

00:37:15 - Digital Timeouts

00:42:29 - David the Innovator

00:46:01 - Hacker Renegades

00:48:13 - Sandra Bullock and The Net

00:51:27 - Nazem Kadri's Cat

00:53:23 - Alter Talks Apps

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