Crossover - Mike On Much: Jorts, Dustin Diamond and Getting Punked by Puddle of Mud

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

World's collide as the boys from the Mike on Much podcast, Mike Veerman and Shane Cunningham, join Clay and Greg for 90 minutes of laughs. It's an anecdote laden podcast that starts talking about mutual friend and popular Mike on Much character "The Nut" (4:17), then pivoting to jorts in the desert (9:55), Teen Wolf 3: Return of the Wolf (25:29), the time Shane tried to fight Eddie Della Siepe (34:27), Trek Talk with Mike V (35:57), "Yes, And" the sad anecdote game (42:15), and the Dustin Diamond story (59:14). Before we wrap up Shane tries to set Clay up with his sister (1:09:38), there's a Vince Carter story (1:13:03), the time when Mike was punked by Puddle of Mud (1:16:39) and then finally parting words of wisdom from Mike, Shane and Greg (1:25:11).

Show Notes

00:04:17 - The Nut

00:09:55 - Jorts in the Desert, Fire in the Sky

00:11:54 - 78 Strong: The Mike on Much Podcast

00:25:29 - Teen Wolff 3: Return of the Wolf

00:34:27 - When Shane Tried to Fight Eddie Della Siepe

00:35:57 - Red Alert: Trek Talk

00:42:15 - "Yes, and" the (sad) Anecdote Game

00:59:14 - The Dustin Diamond Story

01:09:38 - Shane Tries to Set Clay Up with his Sister

01:13:03 - The Vince Carter Story

01:16:39 - When Mike was Punked by Puddle of Mud

01:25:11 - Parting Words of Wisdom

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