• A Football Podcast

That Time The Reds Had A Nightmare In Panama

On this episode of A Football Podcast KJ & Caldwell talk about:

01:30 - Toronto FC's Champions League Disaster

28:30 - Liverpool vs. Bayern

31:00 - Nani To Orlando City

33:10 - Harry Kane Is Back!

34:45 - Icardi Out!

37:05 - Who Replaces Modric?

39:00 - What’s New In Pozuelo Watch?

42:20 - Which MLS Team Goes The Farthest In CCL

#AskAFP Questions:

45:41 - Who's Getting Promoted?

49:10 - Are Manchester City Going To Win The Quad?

51:40 - Are Tottenham Over-Performing Or Underperforming?

58:45 - Liam Millar’s loan move to Kilmarnock

1:00:45 - Diego Forlan’s rumoured move to the CPL?

1:03:15 - Who Takes TFCs Penalties

1:05:50 - Can any MLS Team Play A 4-3-3 Inverted FB System Ala City?


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