• A Football Podcast

That Time We Shouldn't Have Cheered for Zlatan

On this week’s episode of A Football Podcast, Kristian Jack & Steven Caldwell talk about...

01:00 - Toronto FC vs. Chicago

14:02 - Vancouver vs. LA Galaxy + Felipe Comments

25:02 - Liverpool vs. Southampton


34:04 - Manchester City closer to the Quad!

36:40 - Bayern Munich thrashes Dortmund 5-0

38:38 - Sean's 'Spurs Corner' presented by Daniel Levy

42:38 - Champions League Upsets?

45:50 - Any chance for Cardiff City?

47:30 - Honouring Christine Sinclair

49:55 - Antonio Valencia to MLS?


54:35 - With MLS expanding to 27 teams in the near future, Could you see it getting up to 40 eventually?

58:30 - Any possibility that Pozuelo could play himself into a national team call-up?

58:58 - Early favourites are to win Euro 2020?

1:00:40 - Who is your manager of the year in the prem?

1:02:40 - Which EPL club is one player away from fixing (most of) its problems on the pitch?

1:04:10 - Favourite CPL kit?


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