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  • Sportsfeld

The One That Got Away! Eastern Conference Finals, Vladdy Jr. & Mailbag

Jake & Zubes chat with Vivek Jacob from Yahoo! Sports Canada about Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

03:40 - Kyle Lowry's Playoff Narrative

04:40 - We Should Of Won

05:24 - Pascal Covering Giannis

07:10 - Bench Minutes

12:03 - What Adjustments Can Be Made?

15:30 - What's Going On Danny Green?

17:40 - Marc Gasol's Minutes

19:30 - Tossing 3s!

22:30 - Swarming D

29:00 - The Biggest Worry...

30:30 - How Does Game 2 Go?


33:20 - Which Sport Is Best Suited For No Playoffs?

37:40 - If You Were Born The Opposite Sex, What Was Your Name Going To Be?

38:15 - Where Would You Take Someone New To Toronto?

40:10 - Hand Pass Talk

43:39 - Which North American City That Doesn't Have Pro Sports Should Have A Team?

45:00 - What Is The Worst Normie Sports Take You Have Ever Heard?

46:40 - Sad / Not Sad