• Resting On Pretty

This Bonsai Is Kinda Nice With It (S03E07)

Howdy, stranger. What brings you to these parts? This week, we watched “The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes” which, understandably, led us to assume that most of the drama this episode had to do with a girl who forgot her shoes. That was really, extremely stupid of us apparently? Anyway, this week, the models go on go-sees, there’s a doubled-up photo shoot, and, this is exciting, the show is just astonishingly awful to Toccara! Boy oh boy! We’re all really mad about it! Later, Erin and Cassie try to see if Producer Spouse is able to guess one of Tyra’s insane riddles. He gets owned. GET YOUR ROP x MAGGIE’S TO SHIRTS: https://bit.ly/ropxmaggies 100% of all proceeds go to Maggie’s TO to support local sex workers impacted by COVID-19 And don’t forget to send in your questions for our upcoming mailbag episode! S03E07: The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes Show Instagram: @restingonprettypodcast Email the show: podcast@restingonpretty.com


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