• Resting On Pretty

This MF Said “Aubrey Hepburn” (S02 Post-Mortem)

Hi folks! Writing to you on February 29th, 2020, the day we recorded this! Leap years are so exciting. So much to look forward to, aside from, of course, something actively reshaping the global order, the wheels of history finally unstuck from the rut of technocracy by something like, dunno, just spitballing here, a massive worldwide pandemic. (EDIT: doing a final revision of these notes the week this episode is about to go up. Might just check the news and see that I’m right. But first, a big sip of my coffee...) Anyway, this week, we had the help of the episode “The Runway Ahead” to see what all the models we met this cycle are up to. Over cocktails inspired by the cycle’s winner, we’ll get to see show favourite Jenascia work a shift at Hooter’s, Cassie teaches us all about Tik Tok, and later, Erin and Cassie make a firm pledge to draw a horse and a bicycle. Join us won’t you? Do you happen to have any extra spare time these days? NOTE: Due to the pandemic, the Sportsfeld Live Show were were intending to appear on this week has been cancelled. We’re looking forward to rescheduling it as soon as possible. Stay healthy and stay home! S02E012: The Runway Ahead Show Instagram: @restingonprettypodcast Email the show: podcast@restingonpretty.com


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