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Ubisoft Reportedly Working on Tom Clancy PvP Game That Combines Splinter Cell, The Division, and Gho

This article was originally published by IGN. Read the full article here.

Images from an in-development game called BattleCat have leaked online, showing something that combines several of Ubisoft's largest Tom Clancy games into an objective-based PvP multiplayer game. The images, posted to Twitter by account Zer0Bytes0, have been reported on by VGC, which claims the information is authentic and relates to a first-person shooter in development at Ubisoft for PC and consoles. BattleCat is allegedly in early stages of development and will not be shown at Ubisoft Forward later this week. Zer0Bytes0 claims that testing began "around January". BattleCat appears to allow players to take on a role within of one of four prominent Tom Clancy universe factions; Echelon from Splinter Cell, the Wolves from Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and the Cleaners and Outcasts from The Division. Each faction has their own specific playstyle; the leaked images have text that explain that Echelon players are invisible on the mini map and can reveal the locations of enemy team members, which links them to the stealth and intel gameplay of Splinter Cell. The Wolves, meanwhile, are described as having additional armour, flashbang resistance, and personal shields. The Cleaners are apparently damage specialists with napalm turrets, flame-spreading drones and extra grenades, while the Outcasts are a healer support class with health regen and a 'Hive' gadget (possibly similar to the Hive used in The Division games).

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