Vladimir Guerrero is Back, in Son Form! Vlad Jr., Raptors Chat & Gordo

On this episode of Sportsfeld Jake & Zubes chat about their large adult son with Arkells bassist & fangraphs writer, Nick Dika.

Raptors Update: Still Very Much Our Raptors Team

Vladimir Guerrero Jr

Who's The Guy With The Big Middle?

Batting Practice

How Are The Blue Jays?

Is Youth Movement Is Coming

Pitching Help Is Needed

Is .500 Baseball A Good Thing?

Stroman vs Sanchez: Who Do They Extend

Pinch Running Vlad Jr?


What Kind Of Ribs Is Gibby Cookin?

If You Could Dunk On Anyone, Who'd It Be?

Worked By The Wolfpack?

How Does This Raptors Series End?

Which Weird Liquid Would You Not Want Dumped On You In Celebration?

Favourite Sports Logo?

Sad/Not Sad