ZAMBONI! Up & Down Leafs, Raptors & Quidditch

ICYMI // Sportsfeld Announces A Live Show at The Monarch Tavern with special guests Blake Murphy, Sarah Jenkins, Resting on Pretty and Steve Sladkowski // TICKETS

Zubes and Jake are back just as the Toronto Maple Leafs put on a heck of a performance against the Lightning, but before we talk about that, let's talk about a Zamboni driver (08:30)! Over in Raptors land, Toronto's favourite team couldn't quite pull the trigger in a loss to the Bucks (25:15), but should we really care? Transitioning to more of the 'FELD' part of the program, we ask ourselves how great is Alphonso Davies (55:00) and what Fruit or Vegetable can be thrown the farthest (1:04:00) and finish off with our iconic, Sad or Not Sad.

Thank you to Saulter Street Brewery for another great beer: It's About Bloody Time.

00:00 - The Cat Days of Winter are still here 02:15 - Blake Murphy & Sarah Jenkins are coming to Sportsfeld Live! 06:15 - Saulter Street Brewery send off Toronto Maple Leafs: 08:30 - Zamboni Goalie, David Ayers 13:45 - Leafs Defensive Injuries 16:30 - Imagine we lose out to Carolina for 8th 20:00 - How thin is this team? 23:00 - This Team Is So Unlikable! Raptors Talk: 25:15 - Raptors Vs Bucks 28:00 - Gasol needed last night 32:00 - Can’t wait for this matchup in the playoffs 35:00 - Bucks are so unlikable 40:00 - Song of the Week: 41:00 - Match of the Week: 42:30 - Does This Freak You Out? Mailbag: 46:00 - If you were to go to your beloved Buckingham Palace, what would you do to make the guards laugh? 47:00 - If you were sent to hell, what would your ironic punishment be? 48:00 - Tea of choice? 49:00 - Capable team staff member to be able to jump in and play a sport? 52:00 - If you were a No Name Brand item sold in stores what would your label state? 54:00 - Freaky Friday: Who would be the better coach, Nurse or Keefe? 58:00 - Alphonso Davies best athlete in Canada? 59:50 - Live in a painting or head in a jar? 1:02:45 - Which basketball jersey would you wear? 1:04:30 - Which fruit or vegetable can you throw the farthest? 1:06;25 - What sport maneuver has the most amount of hype but the least amount of payoff? 1:10:00 - Dream pick to host Jeopardy after Alex? 1:14:00 - Sad / Not Sad